Monday, October 21, 2019

The 2019 Swiss Election Maps

Yesterday federal elections were held in Switzerland to elect members of both houses of the Swiss Federal Assembly. The largest party, the anti-immigrant Swiss People's Party, remained the most popular party but lost 12 seats on a -3.8% swing. All the major political parties, except for the two Green parties, saw a downturn in their vote share. The Greens gained 17 seats on a 6.1% swing (they now have 28 seats in total). The Green Liberals gained 9 seats on a 3.2% swing (they now have 16 seats).

You can view interactive maps of yesterday's election in Switzerland on the Federal Statistical Office's website. Their Political Atlas for Switzerland allows you to explore maps of all federal elections since 1866 - now including the 2019 Swiss Federal Election. The Political Atlas for Switzerland allows you to view the election data in a number of different ways. For example you can view a breakdown of the votes cast in every canton. In this view you can see the percentage of votes cast in the canton for each of the different political parties.

You can also view choropleth maps for each of the political parties. These choropleth maps show the percentage of the population who voted for a political party in each electoral ward in the country (or in each canton). The canton view also includes scaled squares which show the number of votes cast for the party within the canton.

Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung has created a number of cartograms which allow you to see the vote share that each party achieved in each canton. The newspaper also has more detailed choropleth maps showing the percentage of votes gained in each election ward across Switzerland for each of the main political parties.

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