Thursday, October 10, 2019

The World's Biggest Pub Crawl

There are 339 pubs in the UK called the Red Lion. It is the most popular name for pubs. If you had a pint in every single Red Lion you would have a very serious drinking problem. But that didn't stop The Pudding from creating a Red Lion pub crawl - a 5,213 mile journey around the UK visiting all 339 Red Lions.

Of course The Pudding didn't stop there. In Ye Olde Mad-Lib Pub Crawl Generator The Pudding takes a detailed look at the most popular pub names in the UK and has devised an interactive map which can create a pub crawl for any of the UK's most popular pub names. For example if you can't manage 339 pubs then you could take the Black Lion pub crawl instead. There are only 32 pubs called Black Lion in the UK so this pub crawl is a little more manageable. Mind you it is still 1,296 miles long.

There are around 50,000 pubs in the UK. If you want to visit all of them then you need the University of Waterloo's UK Pub Crawl Map. This interactive map provides the shortest possible route around 49,687 pubs in the UK. The journey is 63,739,687 meters long. That is 63,739.687 kilometers or 39,606 miles.

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Unknown said...

The Red Lion in Llandybie, Wales is missing from the map...