Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Tracking Trump's Approval Ratings

Every month Morning Consult maps President Trump's approval ratings. In September Trump only had a net positive approval rating in 18 states. In the other 32 states the president has a negative approval rating.

All the states on the Tracking Trump interactive map are colored to show the level of Trump's net approval rating. If you click on a state you can view a chart showing the percentage of voters in the state who approve and disapprove of the president for every month since Jan 2017. The map also includes a timeline control which allows you to view Trump's net approval rating in each state over time.

The latest view, for September, definitely seems to show more states showing more disapproval for the President. This may suggest that Trump's appeals to foreign countries to try to find dirt on his opponents has had a negative effect on his standing. Of the 18 states where Trump still shows a net positive approval rating 5 of them only have a net approval rating of 1 or 2%. It will be interesting to see which way these five states swing as the impeachment of the president continues.

FiveThirtyEight's How Popular is Donald Trump also tracks the president's approval rating over time. Their latest approval rating has Trump on 41.6%. After 992 days the only president to have a lower approval rating was Jimmy Carter. Carter failed to win a second term. However it is also true that Trump, after 992 days, is only just over a percentage point lower than Barack Obama was at the same stage of his presidency (42.9%). Obama did go on to win a second term.

President Trump's figures are similar on other approval rating averages. Real Clear Politics has the number of those approving of Trump on 43% and those disapproving on 54%. The Huffington Post Pollster has the president on  43.1% approve and 50.9% disapprove.

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