Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Internal Migration in the USA

US County-to-County Migration 2012-2016 is an interactive flow-map showing where people are moving to and from in the USA. The map uses data from the American Community Survey to show the migration levels between different counties.

If you hover over a county on the map you can highlight all the flow-lines showing migration to and from the county. The size of the lines represent the relative numbers of people moving in and out. A small information window also opens showing the total number of people who left or moved to the county during 2012 and 2016.

As you might expect a lot of migration traffic is between neighboring counties or between near-by large cities. For example in Texas there is a lot of migration traffic between Dallas and Houston. The map does also reveal some interesting patterns in longer distance migration. For example a significant number of people moved from New York to the sunnier and warmer weather of Florida.

US County-to-County Migration was created using flowmap.blue. flowmap.blue is a great tool for creating interactive flow-maps. To create a flow-map with flowmap.blue you just need to save your date to a Google Spreadsheet. flowmap.blue will then automatically create a flow-map from the data in the spreadsheet.

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