Friday, January 10, 2020

Your 2080 Weather Forecast

If you want to know what kind of weather you can expect as a result of climate change then this map can help you. What Will the Climate Feel Like in 60 Years is a new interactive map which can tell you which present day city has a climate most similar to the climate your city can expect in 2080.

Select a U.S. city and a line will be drawn on the map to the city which currently has a climate most similar to the climate your city can expect in 60 years time. The map will also tell you the average summer temperature in your future climate twin and how much hotter and drier that is than your current average weather.

What Will the Climate Feel Like in 60 Years uses 27 different climate models to predict the future climate for US cities. By default the map draws a line to show the city with the best fit to the average of the 27 different climate models. However you can change the map so that you can see 27 lines from your selected city to the 27 cities chosen by all the different climate models. The map also includes an option to view a climate similarity map. This draws a polygon on the map showing a larger area of the USA which currently experiences the sort of climate you can expect in 2080.

If you don't live in the USA then you can use Climate Central's map to find your future global warming city twin. Climate Central's Shifting Cities interactive map tells you how hot your city will be in the year 2100 if carbon emissions continue as currently predicted. Shifting Cities allows you to choose from a large number of major cities around the world to find out how hot they will get by 2100. When you select a city on the map you are shown the current summer temperature in your city and a city which now has a temperature that your city can expect in the year 2100.

In the year 2080 London will experience weather which resembles the climate in Lima today. Frankfurt in Germany will be as hot as Malawi and living in Berlin will be like living in Lesotho in southern Africa.

You can also find your 2080 climate twin using The Summer of 2080 Will Be This Warm interactive map. If you enter your location or click on your location on the map you can view the town or city in the world which has a climate now which is similar to the climate you can expect in your town in the year 2080. The map uses two different climate models. This allows you to find your climate twin for a global warming scenario of 4.2 degrees or 1.8 degrees.

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