Wednesday, January 08, 2020

The World's Busiest Space Ports

The Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia is the world's busiest active spaceport. Since 1957 it has launched 1,577 rockets into space. By comparison Cape Canaveral has had 873 launches in the same period.

Aerospace Security's Spaceports of the World interactive map visualizes the history of the space race around the world since the 1950s. The map reveals the cumulative launches of rockets into space from each spaceport from 1957 to 2018. On the map individual spaceports are represented by scaled circular markers. The size of these circular markers indicate the cumulative number of launches from the spaceport. Spaceports which have been used for launching humans into space have a blue outline.

If you click on an individual spaceport on the map you can learn more about the orbital destinations of launches from that spaceport and details about the inclination for each launch’s primary payload.

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