Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Mother Tongue of Every Canadian

Canadian company Anagraph has mapped the languages spoken by all 34,504,810 Canadians. In the company's Langues Maternelles 2016 interactive dot map you can see the mother tongue languages spoken in every neighborhood in Canada, according to the 2016 census.

The map reveals how in most Canadian cities people with the same languages often live in the same neighborhoods. For example in Montreal French speakers dominate in the northern districts. English speakers tend to live in southern and south-eastern neighborhoods. Chinese speakers can mostly be found in Brossard and there appears to be a fair number of Italian speakers in north-eastern Montreal.

It would be much easier to explore the spatial distribution of different language speakers if you could isolate different languages on the map. Unfortunately the Langues Maternelles map does not include any filter controls which allow you to just show you the speakers of individual languages on the map.

You can find out the proportion and numbers of Canadians who speak French and English on the Canadian census website. In Update of the 2016 Census Language Data you can view a table showing the percentage of mother tongue speakers of French and English and the total number of the population who speak the two languages. In 2016 there were 19,460,855 people with English as their mother tongue, 7,166,700 with French as their mother tongue and 7,321,060 whose mother tongue was neither French nor English.

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