Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Real-Time Trains on the New York Subway

The Weekendest is a relatively new interactive map of the New York subway network. The map provides up to the minute information on arrival times, planned service changes and train routing on the MTA.

The Weekendest is designed to provide a real-time overview of service on the whole New York subway network. If you click on any of the subway lines on the interactive map you can find out the current status of service on the line. If you click on a station on the map you can view the subway lines that serve it and the next arrival times of the currently scheduled trains.

LiveTrain NYC is another real-time map of the MTA subway. This map also shows the MTA trains moving in real-time based on the trip updates provided by the MTA.

The map uses the MTA's GTFS real-time feed of schedule updates to estimate the position of the trains on the network. If you select a train's marker on the map you can view its full scheduled timetable, showing when the train is expected to arrive at each station on its route.

The trains shown on the map can be filtered by route. It is also possible to click on the station markers to view all the current scheduled departures from that stop.

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