Thursday, January 23, 2020

The First People's Map of B.C.

There are 203 First Nations communities in British Colombia and an amazing diversity of Indigenous languages. You can learn more about B.C.'s First Nations communities and languages on the First People's Map of B.C..

The new First People's Map of B.C. provides information about the Indigenous languages, cultures and places of British Columbia. The interactive map visualizes the regions where different First Nations languages are spoken. It also allows you to view First Nations place names and important landmarks.

If you select a language family from the map sidebar you can view where the individual First Nations languages in that family are spoken. You can also listen to recordings of each of the Indigenous languages being spoken by native speakers. The map also provides information on community landmarks, cultural sites and art spaces.

If you are interested in languages and Indigenous territories then you might also like, an interactive map of Indigenous territories, languages and treaties around the world.

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