Friday, January 31, 2020

Who Will Win the 2020 US Election?

To defeat Trump in the 2020 Presidential election the Democrats only have to flip Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. To become President a candidate needs to win at least 270 electoral votes. In 2016 Trump won 306 electoral votes. This means that (if all else remains the same) the Democrats only need to flip Pennsylvania (which the Republicans won by 0.72%), Michigan (which the Republicans won by 0.23%) and Wisconsin (which the Republicans won by 0.77%).

This is of course just one of a number of possible scenarios which could play out in the 2020 U.S. election. You can explore other possible scenarios and create your own using NBC's new interactive map Road to 270.

The Road to 270 interactive map allows you to change the color of any state to the color of the party you think will win in 2020. As you flip states the electoral vote totals for each party automatically updates to show how many votes each party will have under your new scenario. Using the map you can explore any number of possible outcomes in this year's Presidential Election. NBC has created for themselves a number of possible scenarios, which you can explore on the map. These scenarios include a Republican landslide, a tie scenario, and a Democratic scenario.

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