Thursday, January 16, 2020

Slap it on a Map!

There are lots of interactive map tools which allow you to compare the relative sizes of different countries around the world. For example the The True Size of ... and OverlayMaps both allow you to overlay the outline of one or more countries on top of another country on an interactive map. This results in a clear and dramatic illustration of the relative sizes of the selected countries in comparison to one another.

But why stop at comparing the size of different geographic entities? Slap it on a Map! is an interactive map which allows you to visualize the relative size of lots of different objects by overlaying them on a location of your choice. Using Slap it on a Map! is very easy. Just choose an object from the thousands of objects listed in the objects menu. Then slap that object on the map anywhere in the world.

There are over 1,600 objects to choose from in Slap it on a Map! These objects are organised into different folders, such as vehicles, celestial bodies and even countries. The screenshot at the top of the page shows the USS Enterprise next to the United States Capitol Building. The lower screenshot shows the planet Mercury overlaid on top of Europe and the tip of Northern Africa (Mercury is distorted to reflect the distortions of the Web Mercator map projection).

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