Friday, January 31, 2020

The USA is Hell On Earth

For 37 years the French artist Auguste Rodin worked on creating a monumental sculpture called the Gates of Hell. The sculpture was inspired by Dante's Inferno and represents the entrance to his vision of hell.

A number of bronze casts have been made of Rodin's original Gates of Hell. Two of these bronze casts exist on opposite sides of the United States, one on the west coast at Stanford University and the other near the east coast in the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia. Now if these two gates to hell are on the perimeter of Dante's nine concentric circles of hell then ...

... well I think this map illustrates the idea pretty well. The Gates of Hell interactive map works on the premise that the Pennsylvania and California Gates of Hell exit on the perimeter of Dante's nine circles of Hell. To put it bluntly the United States is Hell.

The interactive map, the Gates of Hell, actually includes all nine concentric circles of Dante's inferno. Therefore if you live in the USA you can click on the map to see in which part of hell you are doomed to suffer in eternity. The nine circles of hell represent a gradual increase in wickedness, culminating at the center, where you will find Satan. Where you live in the USA is determined by your biggest sin. For example people living in Dallas are being punished for their wrath. If you do live in Dallas then you can at least comfort yourself that you will endure less torment than the people of Kansas, who are condemned to a lower Hell, in punishment for their sins of violence. 

I'm not sure who created the Gates of Hell. I discovered it via a Tweet by Matt Miller, so it could well be his diabolical creation.

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