Friday, October 20, 2023

Ephemeral Tweets

Musing appears to be an ephemeral version of Twitter. You might well argue that under Elon Musk the social media site 'X' itself appears to be disappearing into the ether at an alarming rate. But when I say that Musing is an ephemeral social media platform I mean that the social media messages themselves are short-lived, not the platform itself.

Confused? Well don't be. Just open the Musing interactive map and click on the 'new thought' button. Type in a message (limited to 356 characters) and your message will be added to the map (randomized to 500 meters of your current location). 

However your thoughts will only be added to the map for a short time. Musing's map of the whole world is limited to only 100 messages. So after 100 other people around the world add their thoughts to the map your musings will disappear forever. 

You might ask 'why'! But don't Musing says that "You can be shocked, surprised, amused, or just bored by what you read, but this is the beauty of it." You might even be inspired by reading the thoughts of the last 100 people to have used the Musing map.

Via: Webcurios

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