Monday, October 30, 2023

The Little Free Library World Map

I shall be eternally grateful to my local community's book sharing box. As an avid reader being able to borrow and read secondhand books during lock-down kept me from becoming completely stir crazy. Since lock-down my nearest book-sharing box has almost fallen into disuse. Which is why I'm delighted to have found the Little Free Library World Map.

The Little Free Library World Map is an interactive map showing the locations of book-exchange boxes around the world. The map was created by the Little Free Library non-profit of Minnesota and has now mapped over 150,000 libraries in 120 different countries. 

Share your location with the Little Free Library World Map and you can find the nearest book-exchange boxes to your home. The locations of individual free libraries are displayed on the map using red map markers. If you click on a marker you can view the library's exact address and information on exactly where you can find this book-exchange box.

I'm lucky enough to have two boxes within walking distance of my home. If there are none near you there is no need to despair. Instead you can set up your very own Little Free Library. All you really need to start a free library is a weather-proof container in which people can leave books they wish to share. If you need help creating such a container then you can check out the Start a Little Free Library web page.

If you live in London or Brighton then you might also be interested in the Library of Things, which allows you to borrow/rent tools (such as drills, sewing machines etc).

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