Friday, October 06, 2023

The London Underground Map Quiz

The London Underground consists of 269 stations. I bet you can't name them all.

London Underground Names is an easy map game which simply requires you to name all 269 stations on the London Underground network. Naming all 269 stations is a little tricky so I've provided you with a couple of aides to help you remind you of some of the station names. 

Due to my personal commuting history I can name all the stations on the Victoria Line and the Jubilee Line. However if you asked me to reel off the names I'd probably omit a couple of stations on each line. I've therefore added an option to the map to view the locations of all the stations on a chosen line. I find this helps me to see which stations on a line I've missed out and still need to name.

There are lots of London Underground stations I couldn't name without a little help. I've therefore added a clue to every station's name for those who need it. If you need a clue to a station's name simply click on the station's marker on the map.

London Underground Names was inspired by the brilliant SF Street Names, which requires you to name the streets in San Francisco. I decided that London had far too many streets for a similar game in the English capital and decided that London Underground stations was a far more manageable challenge.

If you want to create a similar game for your own city's transit network then you can clone and adapt London Underground Names on its Glitch page.


stevekennedyuk said...

Can't enter names with a ' in them i.e. King's Cross & St Pancras International, St Paul's etc

Keir Clarke said...

Sorry - the map is really finicky about only accepting exact answers. You have to type 'ST. PAUL'S' and 'KING'S CROSS ST. PANCRAS'.

I want the map to be able to accept alternative correct answers, e.g "King's Cross & St Pancras International" - however I haven't worked out how to do this yet.

Spoiler - You can check the accepted answers here (warning - this will also show you all the answers)

Kailan Blanks said...

Hey Keir, I love this so much! I took the liberty of remixing the app on Glitch to make it a bit easier for my friends to play:

* Spelling mistakes/typos are accepted
* Page layout is easier for mobile users
* Hints/map layers have been removed
* Score is stored persistently across sessions
* Input field shows feedback if you have already guessed a station

Keir Clarke said...

That is brilliant Kailan.

I always planned to add localStorage and accepted typos to my version of the map - so when I get time I might re-remix some of your TubeGuessr back into my version of the map - if that's OK.