Wednesday, October 04, 2023

The 10 Day Fall Color Forecast

The Fall Foliage Map 2023 is an interactive fall foliage map which is updated daily to provide you with both an accurate progress report of fall colors and a forecast of how fall colors in the United States are likely to change over the next ten days.

According to Explore Fall the main factors influencing fall colors are the temperature and daylight. The Explore Fall predictive fall color model uses real-time weather conditions and user submitted fall foliage reports to forecast fall foliage colors throughout the Lower 48.

The Fall Foliage Map shows the observed fall foliage colors for every day since September 1st. You can use the map's date control to view the observed fall colors for any day. You can also use this control to explore Explore Fall's ten day forecast of how fall colors are predicted to progress in the next few days.

Every year Smoky Mountain releases their own interactive Fall Foliage Map, which plots the annual progress of when and where leaves change their colors across the United States. The Fall Foliage Map uses historical weather records from all 48 continental states to predict the arrival of fall at the county level across the contiguous United States. This map also includes a date control which allows you to view the leaf color you can expect for any date from the beginning of September through to the end of November.

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