Monday, October 09, 2023

Guess Thy Neighbor

Can you name the four countries which border Greece? If you can then you should head straight over to Neighborle.

Each day on Neighborle you are shown a different country on an interactive map. Your daily challenge is to name all the countries which border that day's highlighted country. Every time you name a correct bordering country it will be shown in green on the map. If you enter an incorrect country then that country will be colored grey on the map. You are allowed to make five incorrect answers every day. Once you have made five incorrect answers you aren't allowed any more guesses.

Don't worry if you can't name Greece's four immediate neighbors there will be a new challenge tomorrow. A challenge centered on a completely different country.

Neighborle is just one of a number of daily geography map challenges inspired by NYT's daily Wordle game.

Worldle was one of the first daily geography challenges to emerge in the wake of the Wordle craze. Worldle requires you to name a country from just its map outline. Like the original Wordle game you have six goes in which to find the correct answer. And, like Wordle, there is only one game to play every day. Where Worldle differs a lot from Wordle is in the clues given after each answer. 

Instead of green and yellow squares Worldle uses arrows and percentages to help you get to the correct answer from your incorrect guesses. After each guess, you are told the distance you were from the correct country, the direction you need to move on a map and the proximity of your guess to the target country. With just these clues it should be possible to work out the correct answer within the permitted six guesses (particularly if like me you cheat and use a world map).

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Anonymous said...

Neighborle now has a US states version as well!