Thursday, October 12, 2023

The Hezbollah Map

The Washington Institute's Lebanese Hezbollah is an interactive map dedicated to tracking the activities of the Islamist political party and militant group Hezbollah around the world. The purpose of the map is to serve as a repository of open-source information about Hezbollah’s global activities. The map is also intended to shed light "on the full geographic and temporal range of Hezbollah activities and also addresses an array of themes related to the group’s history, modus operandi, relationship to key sponsors such as Syria and Iran".

You can search the map for worldwide Hezbollah activities by category, location, timeline, and keywords. You can also filter the thousands of activities which are plotted on the map by type of activity (Plots & Attacks, Finance & Logistics, and Counter-terrorism  Actions). All Hezbollah activities are plotted on the map using colored markers which relate to each of these three main categories of activity.

A timeline along the bottom of the map allows you to filter the activities by date range. This timeline can be used to explore the history of Hezbollah activity, for example to explore the organization's foundation and earliest actions.

Wikipedia describes the Washington Institute as "a pro-Israel American think tank based in Washington, D.C."

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