Saturday, October 28, 2023

The World Map of Podcasts

MapsFM is an interactive map which can help you find and listen to podcasts produced around the world. Listening to location based podcasts could be a great way to learn more about a planned travel destination or even to learn more about your local neighborhood or town. Now you can easily find and listen to location based podcasts by using the MapsFM map of the podcast world.

Simply share your location with MapsFM or use the search option to enter an address and you can then view all the podcasts about that place marked on a local map. You can view the title of each podcast simply by hovering over a podcast's marker on the map. Click on the marker and you can then listen to the selected podcast directly from the map sidebar. 

For some reason all the podcasts about my area of East London seem to be about cocktail bars - which is incredibly boring. However by searching a little further afield I was able to discover some local history and art based podcasts that are definitely more up my street.

The first interactive map I ever made was a mashup of Google Maps and YouTube. Ever since then I've believed that interactive maps can be a great way to search for localized media. Some other great examples of localized media maps are: 

The Poetry Atlas - an interactive map of poems written about specific places around the globe
The Watercolour World - an interactive map geo-locating the locations depicted in paintings
Historypin - an interactive map of historical and vintage photographs

Over the years I have reviewed many geo-located book and video maps as well. Most of these however seem to have joined the dead-pool.

Via: this was yet another map which I discovered via the wonderful Webcurios newsletter.

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