Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Mapping the Causes of Haze

The Straits Times has published a fantastic visualization of how burning peatlands in Indonesia can lead to hazy conditions and dangerous air pollution in Singapore.

In Why the Haze has Reached Singapore's Shores Again the Straits Times has created a stunning computer simulation of the 2019 haze which affected Singapore. The simulation uses an animated smoke layer to illustrate how burning peatlands in Indonesia creates smoke which is then blown by the wind over Singapore. Further mapped simulations in the article explain how Indonesia's burning peatlands are a result of deforestation by palm oil plantations and of climactic events such as El Nino.

Why the Haze has Reached Singapore's Shores Again is just the latest in a number of truly outstanding mapped data visualizations produced by the Straits Times. These include Singapore 2030 - an interactive 3D mapped tour of some of Singapore's development plans, Singapore Underwater - a VR simulation of rising sea levels, and The Colourful History of Singapore's Street Names - a mapped analysis of the historical and cultural influences on Singapore's road names.

Via: Datawrapper's Data Vis Dispatch

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