Monday, October 30, 2023

Halloween's Most Haunted Places

There are many haunted locations that you might want to visit (or avoid) on this All Hallows' Eve. Mashed World has released an interactive map which maps haunted locations across the world identified by the ChatGPT AI.

Haunted Locations plots 37 locations in countries around the globe. These haunted locations include the Tower of London (the site of many historical executions), Bran Castle (perhaps more commonly known as Dracula's Castle) and the White House (haunted by many suspicious characters over the years).

The UK Haunted Locations Database actually has an interactive map of over 5,000 haunted places in the UK. Zoom-in on your home on this map and you can discover the haunts of your nearest local ghosts. Mine is the ghost of the Theatre Royal, Stratford East. It is said that the theatre's creator Freddy Fredericks regularly haunts the building, checking to see that his initials are still painted on an archway (if they are removed it is said that the theatre will soon fail).

Mashed World has also used its AI Search Map tool to create a number of other Spooky Maps. These include maps created by ChatGPT showing the locations of the Scariest Places in the World, Horror Movie Filming Locations, Halloween Festivals and many more.

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