Thursday, January 19, 2012

German Sound Pollution on Google Maps

The German courts recently decided that Berlin Airport can operate flights between 5 am and midnight. Residents who live close to the airport say that this gives them just a 5 hour window in which it is possible to sleep.

German newspaper Taz has created Fluglärm-Karte BBI-Airport Berlin, a Google Map showing the noise pollution caused by aircraft at Berlin Airport. The map shows the number of decibels along the flight paths to and from the airport and in the immediate vicinity.

Umwelthaus has created a series of similar Google Maps, called Fluglärmkonturenkarten, showing noise pollution around Frankfurt Airport.

These heat maps show noise levels around the airport using data from 2007 and also show noise level predictions for 2020 in two different traffic modes.

Hat-tip: Street View Funny


Anonymous said...

the german newspaper is called "taz" and the map for frankfurt is made by "Umwelthaus"

Keir Clarke said...

Many thanks - now corrected.