Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Peg it Forward with Google Maps

Why not peg a stranger today? Yesterday Google Maps Mania featured a website called Love Diffusion that tracks cards given to strangers as random acts of kindness.

Gopeg has some similarities to Love Diffusion but is less about the kindness and more about random acts of mischief. Instead of giving cards to total strangers gopeg encourages its users to surreptitiously attach a clothes peg to their person (to the stranger that is - not to themselves - that would just be weird).

Each peg should feature the gopeg website address and a unique serial number. When the stranger later finds the peg they are then able to register the peg before attaching it to another stranger. Each peg that is found and reported to gopeg gets its own Google Map which means users can follow the travels of their pegs as they move from person to person.

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