Friday, January 20, 2012

Highlighted Search Results in Google Maps

If you search for a location in Google Maps you now see the area highlighted on the map. If you zoom out a little Google Maps shows the area shaded in pink with a dotted boundary. When you zoom in on the map you should just see a dotted boundary line around the searched for area.

Another new addition to Google Maps is train information in the UK. Google has worked with to allow UK users to search for train journeys across the country with information from more than than 2,500 rail stations and 170,000 routes nationwide.

To get train information in the UK you just need to enter your staring point and destination in 'Directions' and select the public transit icon.


Daniel Rubin said...

I see that it now can show state outlines as well -- search for "New York State" for example.

So now there must be a way to build your own "visited states" map without using 3rd party tools.

Wonder when they will add this highlighting ability to their "My Maps" toolset.

Kacper Kula said...

Is there any way to get KML of such polygons? Or highlight that region from Google Maps API?

Keir Clarke said...

It's not in the API yet. Someone asked on the Google Maps API Google Group where they could get similar data and got this answer -

"... there are providers of neighborhood data that you can license. Maponics has probably the most complete data set that I know of. You might contact them and see if it fits your requirements."