Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Timelines, Tweening & Temporal Heat Maps

Timemap is a JavaScript library to help add a SIMILE time-line to an online map, including Google Maps. The library includes a number of sample maps that show how you can use the SIMILE time-line with Google Maps. Two of the examples I haven't seen before and both maps are impressive in their own right.

The Temporal Heatmap from a Google Spreadsheet example is a map with markers that are sized on the map according to a data point in the spreadsheet. It is a great template for showing expanding and shrinking data points over time. In the example map the markers show cumulative deaths from asbestosis and silicosis in Texas over time.

The other example is On-the-fly Polygon Tweening. This map tweens a polygon so it grows and shrinks in conjunction with the time-line control. Polygon tweening could be used for any number of map based visualisations, for example to show a changing city boundary other time.

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