Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Personal Travel Itinerary on Google Maps

Tixik.com is a multilingual trip planning application. Using the application it is possible to search for travel destinations by location and by various categories, such as cities, beaches or ski resorts.

Each location features a Google Map as well as detailed reviews of points of interest that can be found at the location. As well as searching by location users can search via a number of categorised dedicated maps, such as a map of the world's longest beaches or the biggest coastal cities in the world.

The application includes a useful trip planner that enables users to save individual locations to a personal itinerary as they browse the website. Users can plan a trip to a destination and save places they want to visit on their trip and even on which day that they wish to visit. You can view an example itinerary for a trip to London here.

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Amy said...

OHHH I so want to use this application! It looks useful and fun to work with. I´m going to Argentina next month and I have to lpan my itinerary. I´m going to get an apartment rental in Buenos Aires but then I will go to other provinces to see the falls, the glaciers, the wine industries and all of thet. I will use this now!