Sunday, January 15, 2012

Google Maps of the Week

Two of my favourite maps of the last week were environmental maps that both present users with access to large amounts of useful data.

Vizzuality's Carbon Calculator is a very impressive Google Maps based app that details the potential contribution of any area in the world to climate change mitigation.

The map allows users to draw an area anywhere in the world and view the carbon currently stored in the area, as well as the amount of additional carbon that potentially could be sequestered through restoration.

The United States Environment Protection Agency this week launched a Greenhouse Gas Data Publication Tool that allows users to view and sort 2010 greenhouse gas emissions data from over 6,700 facilities.

The tool uses Google Maps to allow the user to search and display the data in a number of ways, including by facility, location, industrial sector, and the type of GHG emitted. The tool can be used by individuals and communities to identify nearby sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

My other favourite map of the week is not environmentally themed but is impressive none-the-less. is a hotel finder that uses Google Maps to help you locate and book hotels near any destination.

What makes stand out from other map based hotel websites is the use of dynamic map markers to quickly show the user the price and star ratings of the recommended hotels. Using the map it is possible to search for hotels by date and location but the user can also refine the price, the star ratings and the guest ratings in their search.

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