Saturday, January 28, 2012

Neighborhoods Reviewed with Google Maps

StreetAdvisor is a well thought out website that helps people to find great streets, neighborhoods and cities to live, based on the opinions of the people who actually live there.

Using StreetAdvisor it is possible to search for a city, neighborhood or individual street and read local reviews of the area, find out what kind of people already live there and get an overview of the pros and cons of the area.

When you search for a location the area is shown and highlighted on a Google Map. When you search for a city, map markers provide links to the StreetAdvisor pages for individual neighborhoods in the city. If you search for a neighborhood the markers provide links to the StreetAdvisor page of individual streets.

StreetAdvisor also allows individuals to ask specific questions about a location. So if you want to know what the average rent is, whether the area is safe or child friendly etc you can ask the question on StreetAdvisor and get answers from people who know the area well.

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