Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ordering a Taxi from Google Maps

In Germany the myTaxi app allows smartphone users to order the closest taxi and to track the taxi's approach on Google Maps.

The free app locates the passenger's position automatically or can be set to pick-up from the user's favourite locations (e.g. work, home etc). The app then finds and orders the nearest available taxi and informs the user of the driver's name and ratings. A Google Map shows the passenger's position and the position of the taxi and displays the distance left and the estimated time of arrival.


Cheap Tyre Changer said...

That is an awesome convenience when you are in a rush.
Taxi's are so mainstream.

Used Car said...

Definitely a great feature; you won't have to worry about when your taxi is arriving. It seems like almost everything is becoming integrated with Google maps these days.