Sunday, January 08, 2012

Google Maps of the Week

Street View Stereographic was by far my favourite map of the past week.

Street View Stereographic allows you to view any Street View image in a stereographic projection. You can get an idea of the views possible with the screenshot above. Street View Stereographic uses WebGL so you will probably need to use the Google Chrome browser to view the app.

One of the most retweeted maps of the week was KNGF Maps. KNGF Geleidehonden (The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation) trains puppies to be guide or seeing eye dogs. To help promote the charity and help raise some of the mobility issues faced by the visually impaired KNGF created this walking directions map.

The map is a pretty impressive iteration of Google Maps driving directions. The map includes the usual driving, public transit and walking directions but also includes some novel seeing eye dog directions.

If the user selects the seeing eye dog directions they are presented with a blanked out map. When the user asks for directions a seeing eye dog walks the route and lights up the way on the map.

The Domesday Book was the result of a survey carried out in England and parts of Wales in 1086. The book is one of the first and therefore oldest public records in England and is a great resource for geographers, genealogists and historians.

The Open Domesday Book is the first free online copy of the Domesday Book. It also includes a great Google Maps interface that allows users to search for locations and quickly find references in the Domesday Book to locations and places nearby.

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