Thursday, September 06, 2012

A Word from Our Competitors

With Apple Maps about to go head to head with Google Maps it is easy to forget that there are also a number of other on-line map providers busily mapping the world.

In China Google Maps is losing ground to Baidu in the mobile mapping market. According to Beijing based Analysys International Baidu Maps' market share rose from 13.6% to 17.3% in the last quarter whilst Google’s fell from 23.2% to 17.5%.

This week Baidu Maps released a really cool new isometric cartoon style map view. The isometric view provides a beautiful new way to view Chinese cities and their buildings. In China at least it looks like Google Maps has got some serious competition.

In the rest of the world OpenStreetMap continues to impress. OpenStreetMap's crowd-scourced mapping effort can now be viewed live in this real-time map of OpenStreetMap Live Edits.

This map is similar to Google Map Maker Pulse, which shows in real-time who is currently contributing to Map Maker around the world.

Of course Google Maps isn't taking all this competition lying down and this week it released an awesome new promotional video that helps showcase why Google Maps is still the world's dominant on-line map.

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