Saturday, September 15, 2012

Born in the USA on Google Maps

The Springsteen Heatmap is an animated heatmap of Bruce Springsteen's U.S. concerts over the last 40 years.

The map animates through the 40 years showing the amazing amount of touring that The Boss has undertaken over the decades. As the animation plays, the album covers for the records that Springsteen was promoting on each tour appears beneath the map.

UK band xx this week shared a stream of their new album  'Coexist' with one fan. They then worked with Microsoft to create a map of how that one fan shared the stream with his friends and those friends then shared the stream with their friends ... and so on.

The live map of how the stream of the album was shared across the world ran live for a few days. The stream and the live map have now finished but you can still view an animation of The xx Map, and observe how people listened to and shared the album worldwide.

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