Thursday, September 13, 2012

Transformers - Google Maps in Disguise

To advertise the release of the new computer game 'Transformers - Fall of Cybertron' Hasbro has released a clever Street View application that allows you to create a short movie featuring Transformers fighting on your own street.

Transformers On Your Street allows you to enter any address and then watch a short animation of a spacecraft landing on your street using Google Maps satellite view. After the craft lands the Transformers appear, with the Street View of the address you entered as the backdrop.

If Transformers are a little too violent for your taste then why not invite Goofy around your house instead? Giant Steps - Disney is a fun Google Maps based application from Disney that lets you invite a giant Goofy to your house.

Once you share your address with the application you can watch a video of a giant Goofy landing on your street (with a little help from Google Maps satellite view). Goofy then walks down your street (using Street View imagery) and actually opens the window of your house. 

Hat-tip: Street View Funny

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