Sunday, September 16, 2012

Google Maps of the Week

To advertise the release of the new computer game 'Transformers - Fall of Cybertron' Hasbro has released a clever Street View application that allows you to create a short movie featuring Transformers fighting on your own street.

These animated movies overlaid on top of Google Maps Street View have become quite popular in the last year. However it is still cool to see all the action taking place on your own street, with your home in the background.

Transformers On Your Street allows you to enter any address and then watch a short animation of a spacecraft landing on your street using Google Maps satellite view. After the craft lands the Transformers appear, with the Street View of the address you entered as the backdrop.

Reclame Erfgoed is a Belgium website that is using Google Maps and Street View to locate and document vintage hand painted wall advertisements. I like the idea of trying to document and locate these vintage adverts and I love the way the design of the site positions the Street View image on the side of a house just like one of the original adverts.

The submitted Street View images include forward and back arrows so it is possible to quickly navigate to the next or previous submission. The site also includes a map and a location search box so you can  find submissions by location. 

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