Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Google Maps of the Week

This week I was really impressed by the idea behind Dynamische Verbindunge, a crowdsourced Google Map assessing the bicycle friendliness of Berlin's streets. The map developed by BMW Guggenheim Lab will hopefully be used to help build Berlin's future bicycle network.

The map allows Berliners to rate Berlin's roads for their bicycle friendliness and to view a crowdsourced assessment of Berlin's streets. It is possible to view all the streets that are thought to be bicycle friendly, all those that are deemed to be bicycle unfriendly, where 'safe crossings' are located, 'streets where the action is', and 'happy' and 'stressed streets'.

PeakFinder allows users to generate a 360° panoramic sketch naming all the visible peaks and hills in view from any location. PeakFinder isn't the first horizon plan creator we've featured on Google Maps Mania but it still doesn't fail to impress.

To create a panorama users just need to select the required location using a Google Map. After the location is selected PeakFinder creates a a 360° panoramic sketch of the view from that location. Users can zoom in and pan the panorama.

Finally, Weavrs is an interesting new website that allows you to set up fictional alter egos (Weavrs) that you can set lose to live a virtual life. Once you have created your fictional alter egos you can then follow them on social media and Google Maps.

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