Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Google Maps of the Week

This week xkcd released 'Click and Drag', a cartoon strip which included one frame (the last big one) which was interactive in the style of on-line slippy maps. The reader of the strip can click and drag the image around to discover a very huge world lies beneath the limited frame of this comic strip.

A number of developers had the idea to use Maps API's to interact with this large image.  Including this Google Maps API version of: xkcd 1110.

Worldcam is a handy application that helps you find Instagram submitted photographs around any location.

Finding photos with Worlcam involves a simple two stage search. First you enter a town or city name and then you enter a venue. Worldcam uses the Foursquare API to find venues, so it therefore has pretty extensive coverage around the world.

The Berlin Start-up Map is a Google Map of start-ups in Berlin.

The initial map view shows the 30 newest startups, upcoming events and news about launches. It is possible to change the view to show all the mapped start-ups, upcoming tech events, news and job vacancies.

Users of the map can submit their own start-up, event, news or job vacancies by completing a short form.

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juanchosierrar said...

Excellent location maps for Instagram picture, fousquare with local check-ins.

Also share an application that I really like is called gatheringpoint ( This application combines several APIs like Google Maps, Fousquare, titter, FK and Instragram (Content geosocial), also has other important features such as geolocation commercial offers and job, among others.

Every day the geolocation is more present our lives;)