Monday, September 17, 2012

Location, Location, Location on Google Maps

Zumper is a new apartment finding application for New York and San Francisco that uses the Google Maps API to show the location of property available to rent.

Zumper is launching into what is already a very crowded market, where there are already a number of well established and well known players. The application follows a well established format by allowing users to search for properties by price and by number of bedrooms.

However Zumper also acknowledges that one of the major criteria people use when searching for apartments is location. For many apartment hunters one of the most important factors in an apartment search is the neighborhood and district where they wish to live.

Zumper therefore allows the user to search by neighborhood. As the user interacts with the Zumper Google Map neighborhoods are highlighted on the map. As you mouse-over the map the neighborhoods are highlighted  and a small information window appears telling you which district you are selecting.

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