Monday, September 03, 2012

Google Maps of Baltimore

The Baltimore Sun has been busy mapping all aspects of Baltimore life.

The Baltimore Health Map visualises the Baltimore City Health Department's 2011 neighborhood health profiles using the Google Maps API.

The map allows the user to view heat maps of population, household income, life expectancy, homicide rates and household income for each of Baltimore's neighborhoods.

Baltimore's Best maps the top restaurants and bars around Baltimore. It is possible to search around any location in Baltimore and to refine the results to just show bars or restaurants.

The Beer Special Finder is another map from the Baltimore Sun that shows the location of the cheapest beers around. The map shows the best deals on bottles and cans, draft beers and happy hours throughout the city.

We are not done yet! For foodies, The Farmer's Market Finder is a Google Map of Baltimore's farmer's markets.

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