Saturday, September 01, 2012

Google's Worlwide Offices on Street View

When Google captures the Street View imagery outside Google offices around the world Google employees like to get in on the act and pose for the Street View camera.

This gives us a unique insight into Google's strict dress code policies in different countries.

In the main Mountain View office in California it seems Google employess are obliged to wear cycling gear. 

In Canada Google employees are forced to wear ice hockey kit

In London Google employees all wear top-hats.

In Germany it is all about the lederhosen.

Here are few more of Google's Office around the world where Googlers have posed for the Street View camera: Zurich, Switzerland, Dublin, Ireland, Seattle, USA, Warsaw, Poland.

If you want to know where Google's other offices are located you can consult Google's own Google Offices Google Map.


furniture dubai said...

Google has more then 70 offices in 40 countries.

Anonymous said...

The Germany Office is in Hamburg not in Bavaria, there the Lederhosen that guy wears are not in place and Germany is not about Lederhosen

French furniture UK said...

I was also want to point out this mistake about Google Germany Office but someone already highlighted this issue above :)