Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All Your Property Search on Google Maps

mapthatpad is an amazing application that allows you to map real-estate listings from a variety of online sources. Using the app it is possible to collect and save real-estate listings from a number of different online real-estate sites and create a Google Map of all the properties.

Using mapthatpad it is possible to simply cut and paste the url of a real-estate listing from a number of websites, for example Craigslist or the New York Times, and instantly view the listing on a Google Map. If cutting and pasting is too difficult then you can download a bookmarklet that allows you to simply press a button on a real-estate listing to view a Google Map of its location.

Registered users of mapthatpad can add real-estate listings from a number of different websites and save their map for later reference. mapthatpad works with Craigslist, the New York Times real-estate listings, oodle, Street Easy, Rent Easy, Urban Edge and RDNY. It is also possible to add listings from other websites by adding them manually to the map.

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