Friday, October 26, 2012

One Million Tweets Mapped

Version 2 of Maptimize, a marker clustering solution for Google Maps and other mapping platforms, has been released.

To help demonstrate the power of Maptimize v2 a map of one million Twitter messages has been released. The One Million Tweet Map on first loading shows a few hundred thousand tweets using the marker clustering system. The map then adds geo-located tweets to the map in real-time. The new tweets are shown by small red dots, which appear on the map and then fade away whilst the clustered numbered markers update to reflect the new number of tweets at that location.

The map can also be used to find twitter trends. If you pan the map around then the map updates to show the trends at the selected location.

The demo map uses Open Street Map but Maptimize can just as easily be used with the Google Maps API.

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