Friday, October 05, 2012

Another Look at CartoDB's Torque

I had another look at CartoDB's Torque library on GitHub today and noticed they have added some new examples of the library in action. A polished example of Torque is available in the amazing Navy of WWI animated visualisation highlighted this week in The Guardian newspaper. GitHub also has three other good demo maps.

Storms uses Torque with Google Maps to animate through 50 years of tropical storm data. The map animates the storm data on a Google Map and really emphasises the stunning speed with which Torque can display data.

Vertnet uses Torque to animates through over two hundred years of data (I'm not sure what the data represents). This demo illustrates how Torque can be used to effortlessly display thousands of data points on Google Maps. 

The USPO Map animates through the opening of post offices in the U.S. between1644 and 1901. 

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