Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Indian Railways Live on Google Maps

There are a lot of real-time Google Maps of train systems around the world. Now we have one for the largest democracy in the world.

RailRadar allows users to view the entire Indian rail network on a Google Map. The map shows the live locations of all trains on the Indian railways in real-time. The map updates about every five minutes so the exact position of the trains may be a little out.

If users click on an individual train map marker they can view the train's starting point and destination and also the train's next scheduled stop. The map also displays the overall status of the network, showing the percentage of trains on the network running on time and the percentage that are currently delayed.

Tagkarten is a real-time animated map of the Swedish rail network.

Green map markers show trains that are currently running on time and red markers indicate trains that are running late. If you click on a train's marker you can also view its starting point and destination. is a real-time animated map of buses in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This map uses numbered map markers so users can tell at a glance the location of any bus. Users can also click on bus-stop markers to view which buses they can catch from a stop and find out when the next buses are scheduled to arrive.

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