Monday, October 15, 2012

Boris Bikes on Google Maps

If the Google Maps API is the most used API in existence then the London Cycle Hire scheme must be one of the most mapped data sources using the Maps API.

Can I Park it? is a map that can show you which bike stations are likely to have free slots for parking.

The app monitors the available parking spaces on the London Cycle Hire schemes throughout the day. It then shows on Google Maps the averaged historical data to identify areas where parking could be difficult at certain times of the day and on different days.

The Cycle Hire Map on the other hand shows the number of available bikes at each docking station.

The map also uses a colour-coded marker system to show which stations have available slots for parking, which stations are out of order and which stations have bikes available.

Also See

Barclays Cycle Hire Map - the official TfL map, showing bike stations and bikes available
CityMapper London - a London route finder for all modes of transport, which also tells you the location of your nearest bike station and the number of bikes available.

The Paris cycle hire scheme 'Velib' however is a contender for the most mapped data source. Check out some of the Google Maps created for Velib here.

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