Thursday, October 18, 2012

Create an Animated Trip with Google Maps

Trip maps created with Go Pro Travelling now include some amazing animations that show the progress of a trip on a Google Map.

Go Pro Travelling is a great application that helps users easily create a Google Map of any trip whether it be a walking tour, a bicycle ride or a vacation. Users can plot their journey with Go Pro Travelling and add information and photographs to each stage of the trip and create a great mapped record of their travels.

Every travel map now created with the app is automatically transformed into an animated map! Users can use the play and pause buttons to play back a trip, view the trip in chronological order or use numbered buttons to skip to any part of the journey.

The animations between the different stages are pretty amazing. Planes, cars and people fly, drive and walk across the Google Map creating stunning transitions between the different stages of the journey. The screenshot of Go Pro Travelling above doesn't really do the animations justice so check out the video below or check out an animated trip map here.

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