Thursday, October 04, 2012

World Space Week on Google Maps

Today is the start of World Space Week, so here are a few space related Google Maps.

It often surprises me that a lot of people still haven't discovered Google Sky, Google Moon and Google Mars.

Developers can even access the map tiles from these three Google Maps with a little hacking. If you want to add these planetary map types to your maps then check out this GitHub.

The Star Movie Map uses the Google Sky map tiles to present animations of astronomical events posted to YouTube on top of a Google Map. The map also includes links to some of the best imagery that can be found in Google Sky.

The HeyWhatsThat site makes good use of the Google Earth API to create simulations of solar eclipses. Currently HeyWhatsThat is displaying a simulation of November's solar eclipse. Using the app you can find the best places to view the eclipse and even view a simulation of what the eclipse will look like from different locations on the Earth.

I hope that has whetted your appetite for World Space Week. If it has piqued your interest then you can check out what Space Week events are happening near you on the World Space Week's own Map of Events.

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