Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crisis Response Map of Hurricane Sandy

Google Crisis Response has released a map of the track and predicted path of Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy has been battering the Bahamas and could hit the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic early next week. Currently Sandy's projected path means that it could hit New Jersey next Tuesday.

As well as showing Hurricane Sandy's predicted path the map includes layers to display cloud cover and weather radar imagery. The map can also be used to view public alerts, emergency shelters,  recovery centers and hurricane evacuation routes. 

One layer that could prove very useful to home owners shows the current probability of wind exceeding 39 mph at different locations.

The New York Times has created a Google Map of Hurricane Sandy's predicted path.

As well as showing Sandy's predicted path the map shows a recent satellite image of the hurricane. The satellite image really helps to show the sheer scale of Hurricane Sandy. Above the map is a handy prediction of the chances of the hurricane effecting New York.

The prediction, at the time of writing, says "There is a 56% chance of tropical-storm-force winds in New York, NY in the next 5 days".

WYNC are also using Google Maps, in their case to display New York City Evacuation Zones.

The map shows three zones in the city:

  • Zone A - with the highest risk of flooding from ANY hurricane near NYC.
  • Zone B - potential flooding from a Category 2+ hurricanes.
  • Zone C - potential flooding from a Category 3-4 hurricane hitting just south of NYC.

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