Friday, October 26, 2012

Finding Beer in Paris with Google Maps

Paris can be an expensive city and many venues, especially those aimed at tourists can charge inflated prices for food and drink. The rather unFrench sounding MisterGoodBeer has created a really great mapped guide that can you help you find where to buy a cheap beer in Paris.

By default the map shows bars charging a maximum of 4€ for a beer. However if you want to pay even less for your beer you can use a drop-down menu to only show bars that charge a maximum of 2.50€. Bar prices can vary according to the time and day (e.g. happy hours). This presents no problem to MisterGoodMap as it also allows you to query the map by day and time.

To give users a quick guide to beer prices all the bars shown on the map have numbered map markers that indicate the rough price of beer at that establishment. 

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