Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Toronto's Languages on Google Maps

Statistics Canada has released figures today from the 2011 census concerning the languages spoken by Canadians.

Global News has again been quick off the mark in mapping some of the latest census data to be released. The Know Your Neighbourhood Map now includes options to view the concentration of some of the different languages spoken in Canada's major cities.

Users can select to view a number of heat maps showing the percentage of speakers of Punjabi, Tagalog, Spanish, Chinese, English, Italian, Aboriginal and French in the each of the cities' different neighbourhoods.

Whilst on the subject of languages I think you might also like this amazing map of languages used on Twitter in London. The map created by Ed Manley and James Chesire shows the languages used within around 3.3 million geolocated tweets captured in London over the course of this summer.

The map unsurprisingly shows a lot of languages being used around the Olympic Parks (NE on the map). Russian language tweets (pink) appear in some of the more expensive residential areas and Arabic tweets (green) in the even more expensive property zones. French tweets (red) seem to be concentrated north of Hyde Park and down in south-east London.

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