Thursday, December 05, 2013

Archaeology on Google Maps

Archaeology in Greece Online has created a Google Map of the latest archaeological discoveries made in Greece and Cyprus.

The map allows you to search for the latest discoveries and archaeological field projects by region, period and keyword. It is also possible to search the map by year. Each mapped report includes a short introduction to the archaeological site and a link to view the full report.

The application is a collaboration between French and English archaeologists so the reports may be in English or French.

Geodia is a spatial timeline of ancient Mediterranean archaeology and material culture. An interactive timeline synchronised to a Google Map allows users to explore geographic sites and events from the fourth millennium BC to ca. 330 AD.

The site was designed to serve as an instructional resource, to help students in introductory courses in archaeology and art-history make sense of the spatial, temporal and visual complexity of the ancient Mediterranean, and visualize connections and differences across space and time.

The Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land is a collection of Google Maps that together form an on-line digital atlas of the region.

The site is divided into a number of areas, including a series of case studies, numerous historic maps, and a huge searchable database. The "Empires" section illustrates the march of empires across the Middle East, from the development of the first Egyptian state in about 3000 BCE to the Ottoman Empire in 1918 CE. The 'Empires' Google Map includes the option to view an animated time-line of these empires.

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